Corporate Identity



The First Impression:

The impression that you make on your clients when they are introduced to you will determine how they view you and your organization. That first impression conveys a wealth of information about your business. It is a momentary decision that a consumer makes as to whether or not to take you seriously.

Where they find you:

In most cases, your corporate identity is your first impression. A consistent look and feel in your logo, website, social media, letterhead, business cards, flyers or brochures is vital if you wish to earn your clients trust and recognition.

What we do for you:

At Jessica Leigh Web Design, great lengths are taken to assure that your corporate identity is exactly what you want it to be. We will guarantee you a consist theme and logo across any media platform you wish to explore for your business. We can produce and carry over our work for all your future needs by using some of the best software and hardware in the industry.


When your design is finalized we will email the files in zip format. You can receive your work in any format that you may need.